Advertising in business centers

Advertising in business centers

Advertising in business centers

In urbanization process u can meet more and more huge building of glass and steel and with each passing day they become more and more, and residents of large cities prefer to change work at the machine to an office space. These buildings are business centers, more than 160 in Minsk alone.

Business centers in Minsk are an actively developing platform for advertising. Companies choose this location, proceeding from the fact that the people working there are a solvent population, for whom the acquisition of various types of goods and services is not a problem. It may seem that advertising in business centers in Minsk is not effective enough, because it is watched by the same audience every day. Minsk Advertising in business centers

However, we will convince you that this is far from the case. Today in the buildings of the popular Minsk business centers there are numerous cafes, restaurants, gyms and shops. Some companies often hold conferences and presentations within the walls of their office. Therefore, it can be confidently asserted that advertising in Minsk business centers will be seen daily by hundreds of new people.

Among the employees of business centers, specialists with higher education in IT sphere, various kinds of secretaries, accountants, system administrators and managers, managers, deputy heads, as well as representatives of small and medium-sized businesses are predominant.

According to the research, the average income of employees of business centers ranges from 500 to 1000 dollars. In other words, the target audience of business centers is a highly profitable, economically active part of the population, the average age varies from 20 to 55 years.

Business centers occupy a large territory, and therefore they have enough space for your advertising. The so-called forced waiting zones: the entrance to the building, the reception area, the foyer and the lobby, elevator halls and elevator cabins are excellent places where the target audience will be able to contact the advertisement for as long as possible.

Why is advertising in business centers so effective?

Employees do not feel dislike advertising information, because due to a small number of mediums, it becomes possible to get better acquainted with the advertising message and consider advertising from a short distance, and also helps to pass the waiting time of the elevator and provides interesting and useful information about services and innovations.

What products and services can be advertised in business centers with maximum efficiency?

First of all, it is advertising of goods and services for businessmen and their business – banking services, telephony and Internet services. Just do not forget about advertising household goods and services company, which is in walking distance – cafes, shops, lounges, hairdressers and so on.

Each of the business centers has numerous places for advertising:

  • Light panels
    This is not just a new advertising medium. It is a product that can capture the attention of visitors due to the objectively high quality of the image, brightness and “juiciness” of colors, high-quality color rendering.
  • Posters
    One of the most economical types of advertising, but no less effective. As a rule, it is a flat screen with a static image, but recently appeared dynamic posters, pictures on which varies depending on the angle of view.
  • LCD TVs
    People like to watch TV, and why not look at it at work, only for the benefit of you. With LCD TVs, you can advertise your product with the help of rollers, which will be repeated as you want all day.
  • Posters in elevators
    The elevator is a closed space in which each visitor of the office center spends a sufficient amount of time to get acquainted with the content of the proposed advertising information.
  • Elevators branding
    One of the most effective and original advertising moves to date. The easiest way is to lure new customers by placing advertisements in a place where a large flow of people daily revolves. Of course, the elevator is just such a place.
  • Advertising racks
    The cheapest of advertising in business centers. On one poster all the information can not be accommodated, but on the leaflet it is possible. This client leaflet can be taken away for more detailed study, and your contacts will always be at hand.

busines centers adThe advantages of such advertising are that guaranteed and long-lasting contact with the audience, as well as exclusive placement. Do not forget that people often see advertising and thereby it is better remembered, and because of the large size of stands it is easy to read and accept the advertising message. In addition, on one stand or poster, advertising of only one company is placed, which makes it possible to stand out among competitors and sharpen the attention of potential customers only on your message.

Why should you contact us?

If you clearly defined that your clients are young, successful and self-confident people, then we know where to look for them. Most of the time these people spend at their workplaces in business centers. And work in such complexes today no longer rivets a person to an office chair from 9 to 18 hours. Now young people show high activity throughout the whole working day. They go out for lunch during the lunch break, go out to meetings and negotiations and have the right to leave the workplace with arising personal matters.

The “SvetomirBay” company performs complex customer service: from the development of the advertising campaign, and ending with its placement in the most popular and frequently visited business centers in Minsk. A full range of services is convenient and profitable!

Applying to us, you get:

  • wide choice of placing your advertisement: Our experts know perfectly where and how to place advertising in order to achieve maximum effect;
  • low prices, in comparison with the market of advertising services;
  • high quality of the products and services provided: we individually approach each client in order to develop the most effective advertising for your business;
  • short deadlines: your order will be executed in a couple of days, and advertising placement takes place promptly, since we have partnership relations with the owners of advertising platforms;
  • flexible system of discounts. We prefer to have long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation, so for regular customers we provide good discounts.

What will we do for you and your business?

  • increase a relatively small number of customers;
  • bring your site to a competitive level;
  • eliminate the reasons why advertising your business does not work;
  • we scale your business and increase the growth of customers;
  • return those customers who once bought and no longer returned;
  • promote the site to increase sales;
  • we will make sure that your advertising pays off to the fullest.

Advertising in business centers – is an excellent opportunity to offer goods and services to business people and solvent customers.

The “SvetomirBay” company respects and values its customers, and our main goal is to increase the number of your customers and multiply the profits of your business.

Develop your business and its capabilities. Capture a new audience and hold it for a long time. We will help you with this and place your advertisement in any of the business centers of the city of Minsk.

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Our company offers advertising at times cheaper than the main advertising operators in business centers.