Advertising on the radio

Advertising on the radio, audio clips recording

Advertising on the radio is not just one type of advertising, but an opportunity to talk with the audience in its language, on its territory.

Why you should use radio advertising?

Advertising is an important tool for promoting your products and services in the market. Proper use of advertising will allow you to achieve the highest results in promoting your business. That is why it is very important to choose the right way, the advertising channel, through which the way of communication with your potential and real customers will be organized, increasing their level of loyalty to your product.

Advertising on the radio is one of the most effective ways to promote goods and services in the market. In the modern world of information technology and media development, radio, nevertheless, remains a popular type of media that performs not only entertainment, but also information function.

Therefore, placing your advertising on the radio is a great way to promote. The radio is ubiquitous. He is listened to at work in the office, in the car during the road, in shopping centers and cafes, etc.

Why place advertise on the radio?

    • The most simple and affordable way to advertise in the media.
    • A large number of people listen to radio advertising.
    • Radio is the only medium that does not require “presence” near the source of information.
    • Advertising on the radio can be listened to “background”. But at the same time, the information heard is fixed, and when it is repeated it is perceived.

Audio clips creating

The creation of radio spots requires an understanding of the specifics of the audiovisual media. Therefore, PR professionals should deal with its placement. We know the features of audio clips for street broadcasts, radio and ads in shopping malls that will increase your sales.
Audio advertising attracts attention, awakens desire to buy advertised goods. However, audio clips with a tasteless and too loud production, on the contrary, repel potential buyers.

Examples of audio clips:

Clip number 1: Akvadiv (first version)

Clip number 2: Akvadiv (second version)

Clip number 3

Clip number 4

Clip number 5

Clip number 6

Clip number 7


The “SvetomirBy” company provides advertising services on the radio and recording advertising audio. We work with you from the first line of the script before disconnecting the microphone on the record, from your call now – and to the finished radio broadcast on the air.