2D and 3D clips recording

2D and 3D clips

Video clips recording

To attract and retain the client are sought by any methods. In the cycle of information and events, and the statistical person there is almost no time and desire to read large texts or long wander around your site in search of the necessary information and service. Video and animation comes to the rescue. And it is the latter that brings a number of advantages, for which it has become very popular lately.

The animation roller is mostly made short. This is often a small story or instruction, which in a minute has to transport to the potential customer. There are many applications, but the main function is quick and interesting to show the user your advantages and benefits that you can bring to him. Animation is is used by brands in commercials, presentations, instructions. It is not only communicates the targeted message to users, but also works for a positive image of your company. It’s time to apply this tool in your business.

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Order an animation video from specialists!
The company “Svetomirby” has accumulated a huge experience of creation of animated, graphic 2D and 3D videos of varying complexity and themes.

An animated video clip is ideal for lending, presentations to the investor, demonstrations on plasma screens, for example, in waiting areas in government offices and in shopping malls.

The convenience of such videos is that infographic is the easiest way to transfer complex information.

Your company needs visualization and 2D or 3D graphics if:

  • You need to show the benefits that the customer receives from buying your services;
  • You need to visualize an object that does not yet exist (visualize the project);
  • You need to simply and clearly demonstrate any statistical data (visualize the indicators);
  • You need to make a report on the work done;
  • You need to publish information about your company on the website.

We can create animation clips for you of varying complexity and cost. From static information to an animated video presentation that is easily and easily transferred to complex audience information and selling video for landings.

We carry out a full cycle of production: from idea and script to ready visual solutions, sound and sound design. Turning to us – you get a completely finished video!

Examples of videos:


The “SvetomirBay” company provides services for recording 2D and 3D video. We work with you from your call now – and to the finished video on the air.

More information and prices can be found by phone or by mail.