E-mail dispatches

E-mail dispatches


One of the key ways to create long-term and loyal relationships with customers is to give them the opportunity to choose the preferred channel of communication with your brand. Constant technical innovations dictate the expectations of customers to receive the necessary messages at the right time or through the right channel.

According to Kahuna data, e-mail continues to develop and becomes “the first mobile mailing platform” – in the first quarter of 2016, 86% of emails were opened and read via electronic devices. For business, this is still the most economical and least intrusive channel of communication. At the moment, the task is to effectively manage e-mail in combination with other channels of mobile communication in order to ensure a steady and uninterrupted development of communication with customers.

If you use your own solutions to automate e-mail or services provided by a third party, each company expects that such service will contribute to:

  • Tracking delivery with logs and reports
  • Bypassing spam filters
  • Support of service and implementation of practical recommendations

The solution for omnichannel communication from “SvetomirBy” solves all these tasks using a single platform for all mobile channels.

Why E-mail?

E-mail is a powerful tool for business development and customer acquisition.

From transactional e-mail notifications that confirm online purchases, to information messages reporting flight delays, and promotional letters that offer customers to make profitable deals in their favorite stores, e-mail remains one of the most flexible distribution tools available. Now that the email has moved from the desktop to mobile devices, it perfectly complements other communication channels used for non-urgent and media-enriched messages sent to customers.

Email remains one of the most economical forms of promoting goods and services. Unlike costly channels – such as billboards, TV or printed products, e-mail allows you to create customized messages with unique content for customers, track the effectiveness of mailings and see the immediate results of campaigns.


Solution Overview

E-mail automation is built into our multichannel mailings, which makes it possible to implement enriched e-mail campaigns economically and easily.

Being part of the omnichannel communications, our Email-service is integrated with all other communication channels. Your users not only have the opportunity to choose the optimum channel for themselves – in addition, our solution for multichannel mailing provides an effective switching between communication channels. For example, if your VI-message does not pass, the system sends an e-mail to the same user with the same or more detailed message. Using multiple channels at the same time, you significantly increase the efficiency of communication and delivery rating while reducing the cost of mailing.

Supported e-mail formats and functions

Using omnichannel mailings from “SvetomirBy”, we can send messages in various formats, including:

  • Simple text – quick automatic e-mail notifications, readable from any device or platform
  • HTML-format – enriched and attractive emails that will serve to develop your brand, achieve marketing goals and contribute to improving the effectiveness of your campaign
  • Attachments – the ability to add e-mail attachments with information content or content with added value.
    For example, you can attach monthly reports to your letter on the account or PDF with a check for purchases

We offer you a wide range of tools that will satisfy all marketing and communication requirements:

  • Statistics – delivery reports and other statistics (delivery, opening, clicks) for evaluating campaign performance and continuously improving the efficiency ratio
  • Spam control – automatic checking of the possibility of marking your email content as spam before sending – so we can make the necessary corrections and changes so that your emails are successfully delivered to the recipient
  • Scan for viruses – automatically scan attachments for viruses and protect your users from potential threats, increase the level of customer confidence
  • Logs – quick access to email logs for troubleshooting and analysis

Statistic e-mail dispatches

Some words about “SvetomirBy”

The purpose of creating our company is to help business build communication with the client through mobile devices in the most efficient and economical way. “SvetomirBy” is a reliable business partner that will help you achieve your goals.

Service of “SvetomirBy” has the following options:

  • Flexible solutions based on specific customer business requirements
  • Performance, security and reliability on a global scale and with local presence
  • Technical support 24/7

We will be happy to help you in achieving your business goals.

Scheme of relationships between your business and clients from SvetomirBy



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