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Реклама на мониторах в магазинах! 0

Screen advertising in stores!

Often the simplest marketing campaigns are the most effective. Modern advertising on large screens is an attractive method, as well as a reliable way to increase your customer base…..

Украшение фасада здания к Новому году 0

How to decorate the building facades by the New Year

The New Year’s decoration does not mean that it’s enough to hang a garland, to stretch over the entrance a banner with the inscription: “Happy New Year!” and it is all. Buildings decoration is...

Баннерная реклама 0

Banner advertising

Good advertising is visible from afar. And banners are best visible. These huge advertising canvases hang over busy streets and cover entire facades of houses. But sometimes such size leads to sad consequences. We...

Брандмауэр. Наружная реклама 0

Brandmauer. Outdoor advertising

 Brandmauer is advertising in form of a stretched fabric or shield, usually large, located on the deaf walls of houses. The task of the brandmauer is to attract attention to marketing communication of a...

Неоновые вывески 0

Neon signage

Neon signage – is one of the most prominent types of outdoor advertising, where tubes filled with gas (neon, argon and mixtures) are used as internal or external lighting. Different combinations of colors and shapes...

Indoor-реклама 0

What does indoor advertising mean?

For many, this term is not entirely understandable. In literal translation Indoor advertising – advertising is located inside buildings. Indoor advertising is a relatively new type of advertising in places with great traffic (commercial...

Viber рассылка 0

Viber dispatch – convenient way to conversate

Viber dispatch is one of the most effective way to lead generation. Permanently dispatch provides customers the information about new products, promotions, events, release of new products and attracts new customers to their Internet...

Viber 0

How use viber in business

According to BelaPAN data at this moment belarusian Viber audience is counting more than 5.38 million of users. The majority of users are concentrated in Minsk: 59% of users with Belarusian numbers login in...