NEWS - Part 2

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Рекламные постеры в метро Минска! 0

Advertising posters in the Minsk metro!

Advertising in the metro is popular not only in Minsk, but all over the world, which is not surprising. The audience and the potential client base, exposed to marketing in the metro, is not less than outdoor advertising….

Заказать наружную рекламу в Минске! 0

Order outdoor advertising in Minsk!

Outdoor advertising, also known as out of home advertising, is an advertisement that reaches consumers when they are outside their homes. The World Association of Outdoor Advertising states that consumers spend 70 percent of their time out of the house….

Разместить рекламу на автобусных остановках в Минске! 0

Placement an ads on the bus stop!

Bus stops keep the rain off, show when the next bus is due and offer a consistently excellent space for your brand. Surprisingly, perhaps, one of the formats that delivers that wishlist best is the venerable bus stop advert.

Заказать ростовые фигуры в Минске! 0

Order advertising mascot in Minsk!

The most important thing to promote your products or services is to create an emotional connection between your product and your potential customer through marketing. The ads mascot attracts attention and makes your product….

Реклама в переходе возле ГУМа! 0

Advertising in the passage near GUM!

Due to the growth of cities and the urban population, owners of large and small businesses have increasingly used underground passageways as a platform for advertising their goods and services. For advertisers….

СМС рассылка для бизнеса! 2

SMS mailing for business!

SMS marketing versus e-mailing is one of the most discussed topics of marketing technologies. In my opinion, at present, for any brand the ability to communicate with their customers through only one single….

Интернет рассылки по базе подписчиков! 0

Internet bulk mailing from subscribers base!

If you are a successful business owner, then, of course, you’ve heard about such advertising methods as E-mail mailing, Viber mailing and SMS mailing. We will try to find out what advantages each of them includes and what features should be taken into account when using them…